این رویداد خاتمه یافته است و اطلاعات موجود در این سایت صرفا جنبه آرشیو دارد
The 5th International Conference on Internet of Things and Its Application

:: FAQ

1- How should we submit papers (By Email or Conference Website)

To submit an article, you must first register at the conference website. If you are already registered but you have a password error, you can click the “Forgot Password” option and go to your email for a new password. Using the new password, login to the conference user portal. After logging in, submit your article from the menus by filling the requested information including article title, author information, article abstract, and keywords. In the last step, submit the paper file in pdf format. Repeat the same steps for subsequent articles, if any.

Please note that papers which are sent via email will not processed. Emails to the conference are only for responding to researchers' comments, suggestions, questions, and problems in specific cases.

2- How many articles are each author allowed to submit to this conference?

Each author can contribute as corresponding author up to four articles in IoT2021.

3- Is there any limitation on the number of pages of the article? 

Papers should be no longer than 6 pages. Papers exceeding the page limit will be subject to a charge of 20.00 dollars per page billed when the paper has been accepted. Maximum pages allowed would be 8 pages.

4- Do fellow authors have separate Article Certificate of Presentation?

There will be only one certificate issued per presented article.

5- How do I pay for conference registration?

Any payment should be deposited in the bank account listed in the conference website and the receipt should be recorded in the user portal.